life forest broga

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Life Forest Broga

Here at our little eco-homestead, we are excited to have a new gateway to share our passion for green living and organic homesteading.

Life Forest Broga, near the Chinese village of Broga, Selangor, Malaysia, approximately one hour south of Kuala Lumpur – the capital of Malaysia. The journey itself allows you to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty of small farms, forest and the famous Broga Hill.

Life Forest has been a passionate dream of ours for many years. Our original goal in establishing the edible forest garden was to become self-sufficient through home-scale permaculture. As we began to reach that goal, Life Forest aspires to help create sustainable self-sufficient communities, where all the needs of a village or town can be met through local resources and creative cooperation.

(As a step in that direction, we are gearing up for many exciting new projects and workshops in the coming months, which I wrote all about in this blog post: Upcoming programs for Learning at Life Forest.)

Currently, we are planting a great variety of wildlife and human-sustaining vegetables and fruits, herbs and low growing food crops in highly interactive, beneficial groupings. All grows organically and naturally without any chemicals pesticides and fertilizers.

Durian blossom

Beautiful Durian blossom at Life Forest.

Organic tropical fruits at Life Forest Broga

One thought on “Life Forest Broga

  1. Keep it up , looking forward to join in this sustainable self-sufficient communities in the future.
    All the best to you~~~

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