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【 Forest To Table】Durian blossom season

Durian flowers blooming season in Life Forest, for those who attending our 【Agricultural Education: From Farm to Table】 program these two weeks, you are lucky to taste our amazing durian flower rendang, tempura, salad or durian flower cook with our unique handmade vegan belacan sambal! yum…yum

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【 Forest To Table】Organic Cincau (Black Glass Jelly)

Making Cincau from the cincau leaves ( Latin  known as Mesona palustris) freshly harvested from our food forest yesterday.

Using the traditional Chinese way, the jelly is made without boiling or warm water in order to maintain the content and the fragrance of the leaves. It is totally the RAW, fabulous fresh jelly without adding any chemical ingredients.


Cut the fresh leaves, wash, adding filtered water and rub the leaves. Let the leaves juice is fully integrated into the water, then use gauze to filter out leaves residue. Leave it for 30-45 minutes , it will start to coagulate.

cincau2 cincau3 cincau4

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Dumpling Festival

Today is the 5th day of the 5th month of the traditional lunar calendar , every year during the 5th day of the 5th month, the Chinese worldwide celebrated the Dumpling Festival or also known as Duanwu Festival (端午節)

On this day, people will eating “zong zi” as a tradition. “Zong Zi” is a traditional Chinese food that is glutinous rice with some sort of filling (usually water chestnuts, mushrooms, cooked peanuts, dried shrimp and meat) wrapped in bamboo leaves and steamed.

My version of “zong zi”is a combination of our home grown glutinuous and black rice, stuffed with black sesame, simple and yumm…



Glutinous and black rice dumpling


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Natural Farming: Organic black rice cultivation

Getting into the second period of cultivating black rice, by using our own rice seeds——seeds saving from our first harvested black rice in January 2015. The black rice is all the way cultivating naturally WITHOUT applying any fertilizer or pesticides, and they grow really great and healthy!
sprouting36b 7b farmpadd2

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Foraging: Wild Cape gooseberry

Found many wild Cape gooseberry in our food forest. The fruit is a smooth berry, about the size of a marble, taste like tomato. Ideal for eating raw (salad, jams, or exotic garnish for desserts). The scientific name is called Physalis peruviana. It is called Ciplukan in Indonesia and 毛酸漿 in China.

ciplukan1a ciplukan2a ciplukan3a ciplukan4a

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From Farm To Table: Durian Blossom Salad

Durian flowers are edible. They do not taste and smell like durian fruits. They are crunchy with a tinge of fragrance and sweetness. During peak seasons of durian blossoms, this super dish will on our dining table almost every day. We love it because of its unique texture and exotic flavor.

Durian flowers are not plucked. The flowers blossom in the evening/at night, and fall from the tree naturally (except the pistil) in the next morning. Normally we collect the fresh flowers early in the morning to ensure the sweetness and the aroma of the flowers.


Durian blossoms, freshly pick from the farm early in the morning.


Durian blossom crispy tempura.


Eating raw…Thai style Durian blossoms salad.